Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Rich Follett's first solo collection 'Silence, Inhabited' will be published by NeoPoiesis Press in January 2011

'Silence, Inhabited - Poetic Reflections on Surviving Childhood Sexual Abuse' will be available from NeoPoiesis Press in late January of 2011. This groundbreaking collection chronicles a personal journey toward healing while offering insights for those struggling to cope with the aftermath of their own abuse or abuse suffered by loved ones.

'Responsorials' by Rich Follett and Constance Stadler now available from Neopoiesis Press

From the Introduction:
' The complex relationship between masculine and feminine, explored consistently throughout the history of Poetry, offers fertile ground for collaborative creation. In discussion of the inherent possibilities we realized that, in a milieu where auhenticity is venerated as a hallmark of quality, the lion's share of published poems exploring this duality have been written from a singular rather than a dialogical perspective. The poems in this collection represent a resultant ongoing effort to break free from the bonds of such limitations; specifically, this is a collection of poetic dyads (responsorials) intended to reveal the myriad facets fo the masculine/feminine adventure.'

~ Rich Follett and Constance Stadler

Available through Neopoiesis Press: